PowerHub is a power adaptor or system, based on the smart energy management system, it can integrate renewable energy, fossil energy, energy storage and power grid effectively.


Based on global development and environmental protection, hybrid power or microgrid has become a trend for future global power development. Electric power was historically viewed as a secondary energy source, with early power generation based on fossil fuel resource. This resulted in the steam turbine, internal combustion engine and gas turbine driving the Development of power generation technologies. 

In recent decades however, with the increasingly serious problem of global pollution, the use of renewable energy to generate electricity has become a more mainstream direction. Emerging technologies that use sunlight, wind, biomass, geothermal resources, ocean energy and hydropower have been continuously developed. 

As these technologies become more mature and are adapted to local conditions, we can develop local renewable resources and produce stable power sources to serve local economic and social activities. Therefore, to create an excellent hybrid microgrid system, it is necessary to fully grasp the operating characteristics of various power generation technologies, and apply the best manufacturing and production components in the world today to complete the integration.

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