G & M Eurotex Ltd have a skilled team of experienced welding and fabrication staff coded to BSEN 9606-1 and are able to work with both sectional pieces and flat sheet in MIG, TIG and brazing procedures allowing work to be completed in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass or bronze.

Speciality includes design and manufacture of bespoke generator bases, component pedestals, close fit or complete containerised or flat panel acoustic enclosures.

Fuel tanks are manufactured in-house, in accordance with BS799 Pt5 2010 and can be base tank design or stand-alone bulk tanks. 

Custom acoustic enclosures can be designed and manufactured to suit client requirements such as attenuation levels, air intake space restrictions, access, maintenance, fuel filling, specific footprint sizes or custom fittings and finishes.

Special consideration can be given to enclosure weights, space saving design and restricted access maintenance.

Marine grade surface preparation and paint finish can be applied for harsh coastal environments or for marine classification or specified applications.